Harvest Education Center International School

Our vision and mission statement.

Harvest Education Center: harvest quality education students for future generation. Nurturing each student’s potential’s self-esteem, values and admiration through our life. Attend every individual as person with need, feeling and God-fearing and loving honoring their skills and trained them to become independent life long learner for them to live in a happy life.


                                     Mission statement:

Harvest Education Center:
(HEC) is a Christian School organization providing effective personality’s Children in God’s Kingdom, here in Phnom Penh City Kingdom of Cambodia.
Is committed to create an impact in the life of our Children. It is center by empowering our selves and our clientele.


Knowledge for business

The Institute of Business Administration and Management (IBAM) was a collaboration between the Institute of  Secretaries and Administrators (ISA) and the Institute of Business Administration (IBA).

IBAM is an operating division of the ISA group with a qualifying scheme designed specifically to provide knowledge and qualifications for people involved in business. It has a logical qualification structure that incorporates Certificates, a Diploma and an Advance Diploma covering all aspects of business administration and management.

Qualifying grades

Candidates registered on an IBAM course qualifies for IBAM membership on completion. The qualifying grades are:

  • Licentiate (LInst.BA) – Successful completion of:
    • IBAM Diploma programme
    • GNVQ in Business Studies
    • National Diploma in Business Studies
  • Associate (A.Inst.BA) – Successful completion of:
    • IBAM Diploma in Business Administration
    • HNC/D in Business Studies
    • ICSA Foundation programme

Professional Grades

  • Member (M.Inst.BA) - Successful completion of IBAM Advanced Diploma, it also may be granted to those who have completed:
    • BA(Hons) in Business Studies
    • MBA
    • ICSA Pre-Professional Programme
  • Fellow (F.Inst.BA) - Successful completion of IBAM Advanced Diploma it also may be granted to those who have completed:
    • BA in Business Studies
    • MBA
    • ICSA members who have + 3 years relevant managerial experience.

IBAM modules

  • Business Communications
  • Business Finance
  • Business Accounting
  • Business Operations Administration
  • Business Planning and Strategies
  • Human Resource Administration
  • Internet and Information Administration
  • Premises/Facilities Administration
  • Management in the organisation
  • Managing Change
  • Marketing Management
  • Total Quality Management