Harvest Education Center International School

Working towards building a solid educational background for all our less privilage kids.



  • Help managers better understand the current and future global economic and social environment with a special emphasis on the new economy;
  • Develop leadership and management skills for non-traditional approaches to the role of the manager in organisations;
  • Help managers to accelerate the rate of change in their organisations;
  • Give a clear understanding of the current and emerging methods for evaluating organisational performance;
  • Change perceptions of how organisations develop and deliver their products and services;
  • Build management effectiveness in the operational management of organisations operating in the new economy;
  • Better equip managers to work with and through their people as individuals and teams;
  • Understand how to optimise their use of information and knowledge to sustain competitive advantage; and
  • Enable managers to unlock their creativity in the process of bringing about change in organisations, teams and individuals.

Why choose the GIBS PMD?
As you develop in your career, you often find that experience alone is not enough to provide all the answers. Our aim at GIBS is to provide you with education to supplement your experience. We have established the GIBS PMD to give managers in the private, public or nongovernmental sectors several advantages.
ur career will benefit from management education and you are ready to stretch yourself to achieve success.
Who should apply?
Have you been working for at least five years and are feeling the pressure of change in the workplace? Although you are motivated and competent, you feel that you do not have sufficient tools to make as much of a difference in your company as you know you can. You know that 


a. providing a hygienic cooking and safe environment for our children

b. providing a decent accommodation for our children.

c. Proving a medical assistance for our children who are sick

d.providing cloths and sleeping blankets.

e. supporting and encouraging our staffs and volunteers by providing pocket money to ebneble our saffs transport themselves

f.proving school bus for the children who are outside the school. 

Thanks for your support, so far we are working hard to make sure we put all you donated money to a proper use. Thanks and God bless you as you donate.


 Coming soon children fun tour !.....

We are organizing a tour program for our kids for fun. Kids will learn more about places and exchange gifts they made by themselves.