Harvest Education Center International School

Harvest Education Center Location

No.244EOC Street 271 Sangkak Toul Tompong II Phnom Penh Ctiy.

 Office phone- 023-3600-710 for International Dialer's please dial +855-097 365 8967


 Here is another writing activity to help ESL students learn English writing. This activity is called List Poem. List Poem Time: 10-20 minutes Level: High beginner + Example: Read Shel Silverstein’s, Sick, a fine list poem. This fun, high interest activity asks students to make a list of things and put them inside a free forme


A classroom, the music room, the art room, the library, the gymnasium, the science room, the cafeteria, the lockers/the hall, the principal's office, the school grounds, the baseball field, the playground, the pool, the computer room, the auditorium, the boys' room, the girls' room, the bus stop