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 Course Name: BSc in Business Management Special Degree - (UGC Approved)
  1. To prepare undergraduates to demonstrate conceptual knowledge in different disciplines that supports and facilitates lifelong learning
  2. To develop capabilities to translate acquired knowledge into business practices of different industries
  3. To develop the ability to understand & analyze business problems and to develop creative solutions
  4. To develop a strong sense of responsibility and commitment towards the development of the nation
 Entry  Requirements: School Leavers (A/L Completed)
  1. Primary 1 to 4 ,Monthly  $250,000/-
  2. Grade 1 to 5 , Monthly $550,000/-
  3. Grade 6 to 8 ,Monthly  $1,850/-
  4. Grade 9 to 12, Monthly $ 2650/.
 Duration: 04 Years (2+2)
 Commencement: September 2019
 Lectures &  Practicals: Full Time(1 Years),Evening & Weekend (2 Years), we also have  online Programs
 Medium: English
 Methodology: Lectures /Discussions/Presentations/Group work/Assignments
Registration Fee: $50   PAY ONLINE HERE


Course Director(s):

 Mrs. Kounl, Mr. Thy Sam



+855 11277129, 


 Our Institute: Graduation

   Business administration and management Students:


 Program on: Business Management and   Development  Student

HEC Cambodia/Asia free English school education, was opened since  1st September 2009. It is the first project since we started our missionary work here in Cambodia in the city of Phnom Penh. I was privilege to be the administrator of the school and God has been doing His great woincreasur donors and help from people from all over the world day by day. The word of God isin the school as the followers and christian community  here in Phnom Pehn City . We encourage and discipline them to ways of Christ.  The school activities begins from 7.30am Till 4.00pm MON- FRI. The school is lacking  educational materials, Sch uniforms, proper children musical equipment, Computer, Computer learning fun game for kids, children, Bible studying materials, Children cloths, Blankets, Shoes, school bags and books, write interstitial.  it is not easy but God has been    



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